How do you make stop motion videos?

Stop motion animation is created when you take hundreds of photos, with a tiny movement in each photo. Then you put all the photos together and show 15-30 photos per second so that it makes the object animated. Stop motion is also called stop frame animation.

What is the best stop motion software?

Best stop motion software for professionals: Dragonframe, Stop Motion Studio, Filmora, Stop Motion Pro Eclipse. Best stop motion software for beginners: qStopMotion, Stop Motion Studio, Boinx iStopMotion. Many professionals also use video editing programs in post production such as: Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. I use Dragonframe and Final Cut Pro.

Instagram and Tiktok also have a simple stop motion effect that you can use.

How do you make a good stop motion?

  • Use a Consistent light source (avoid natural light because it’s constantly changing),
  • Keep the camera still (use a tripod and an external remote button to capture)
  • Manual settings on the camera (Automatic settings will change slightly for each photo)
  • Make very small movements for a smooth animation.
  • Use a multi-tack (prestik, bostik, sticky tack), tape, and rigs to hold objects.
  • Use stop motion animation software to help plan each motion
  • Or just get me to make it for you!

How many frames per second is stop motion?

Stop motion should have a minimum of 12 frames per second, but I think it looks best at 15 to 20 frames per second. But the more frames you animate, the more mork it is.

Is stop motion expensive?

The price depends on how professional you want the video to look and the length of the video. You can make a fun simple stop motion video at home for free but there may be some light flicker, shaking camera, and other small mistakes. A professional stop motion video will cost a lot more, because they control the light, have animating experience, use rigs to make objects jump or fly, or they may use custom-made puppets. Please see my Pricelist.

Is stop motion still used today?

Yes! and it’s becoming more popular and trendy each year. 2d and 3d Computer animation is the most popular because it is easier and more convenient, but many people still prefer stop motion animation for richer textures and a more homemade authentic feel.