Cute Cat Stop Motion

Tuxedo cat playing with wool

I was so excited when Burberry contacted me to make a creative video for their TikTok account! They wanted to celebrate their famous check pattern in a fun way, and they wanted a stop motion animation with felting wool because that texture goes really well their luxury fashion brand.
I came up with some possible scenarios, and they gave some ideas and suggestions, and this video was the end result.

Animating a Cat

I had to do a few tricks in order to make this animation.

The cat was made by shaping some aluminium wire & then felting merino wool around the wire. The wire was needed to hold the cat in position for each frame. I had to redo the cat face a few times before I got the cuteness right.

All the scenes with the wool ball rolling are animated backwards, because it’s much easier to cut the string shorter rather than extend it in a natural way. But it was too difficult to animate the cat hitting the ball backwards, so that part was animated forwards and then joined with the backwards ball during editing.