Cool Banana

Lebombo! This dancing banana stop motion short was made for Episode 19 of Animation Wild Card. They feature animation shorts f

Stop Motion Showreel 2022

Creative Stop Motion Animation. I have done work for companies such as Buttanutt, WoodVenture, Vetro Media, and many others. I

Cool Skateboarding Duck

I made a fun little looping animation of a skateboarding duck made with stop motion animation. This project was made for a Sto

Colourful Light Animation

Make it Colourful! This is what moths see when they look at the light! A hypnotising burst of colours. This is another video I

New Children’s Book

An encouraging Stop Motion video showing nations uniting! This clay animation was made for M.A. Welti to promote her first chi

Unexpected Egg Animation

Egg Animation A quick 10 second video of an egg that comes to life. This egg animation was my entry for the #challengenoxon co

Creative Claymation Surfer 2021

I made this Claymation Animation for the Guldies Summer Animation Contest in August 2021. Guldies is an amazing Stop Motion An

Cute Laughing Toilet Animation

Toilets like weird jokes! The toilet paper told the toilet a weird story and the toilet enjoyed it so much that he started lau

Macadamia Animation

An explosive stop motion animation that I made with Macadamia milk, Macadamia butter, and roasted macadamia nuts. Made for But

Crocodile Claymation

Has anybody seen my eraser? A creative little claymation animation of a clay crocodile looking for some vulnerable stationery

Nut Butter Promo

A simple promotional video I made to advertise Buttanutt squeeze packs. Convenient small packs of healthy nut butter.