Ladybug Animation

Wool Felting Ladybug Stop Motion

I love stop motion animation, so every now and then I host a stop motion challenge on my Instagram.
Recently I held a ladybug stop motion challenge, so I made this video art as part of the challenge. In the challenge, all videos needed to use this awesome Ladybug song by Desmond and the Tutus.

Wool Felting a Ladybug

The face, eyeball and ladybug are made by felting wool, and then it is animated frame by frame. It is actually made for a Vertical video, which is why the face is only half made and the ladybug disappears when it is flying. This was actually my first time trying out wool felting. It came out really great, but I did have to make the ladybug three times before it was good enough.

People are very curious when they see something crawling near eye, and then they are unexpected by the result. This video was popular on Instagram and TikTok.

Here is a brief look at the behind the scenes. You can see how it was made on this Youtube short.