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I love set prices and hate quotes! But I make a wide variety of stop motion, so unfortunately I need to quote when every job is different. Let’s discuss some ideas and find a price thats fits within your budget.

My work is professional and creative. I will portray your brand in stylish way that appeals to your customers. Check out some of my work here

Stop motion animation has beautiful textures and is a fun quirky style of animation. It is very labor intensive so it takes a lot of time to make.

Here are a few factors that influence the price of an animation:

  • A top down animation (camera looking down from the ceiling) is more affordable than a front animation (camera looking from the side).
  • An animation that requires rigs is more expensive, because they need to be edited out in post-production. Rigs are tools to hold an object in the air, so that it does not fall down. Rigs are used to make objects jump, walk, fly, dance…
  • Clay animation is more expensive because it is more difficult than object or paper animation.
  • If you give me creative freedom to make an entertaining video, then it will be cheaper than if you want control of many details.
  • If you order multiple videos at once, then I will give you a discount.
  • One scene will be more affordable than a video with multiple scenes, because there is less setup and testing required.
  • You may need to pay for the cost of special items required in the video, such as special foods, cutlery, crockery or objects.
  • If you want a special background scene, then you will have to pay extra.
  • If you want your actual product in the video, then you need to ship it to South Africa which may take some time.

Ask me a question

Send me an email so we can start the discussion. Some information that may be helpful to me:

  • What product/service/event would you like to advertise?
  • What is your target market?
  • Where would you like to use the video? Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, TV, In store…
  • Do you have an idea of the motion/layout/task/message?
  • Have you got any examples of similar work/videos/photos that you like.
  • What is the message or reason for the advertisement?
  • Do you have a set budget for the advertisement?
  • Will you provide the voice over/music/props/products for the video?

There are no silly questions. I know many people and companies are unfamiliar with the potential, workflow, and limitations of stop motion animation, so please feel free to ask. Contact Me

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