Cute Cat Stop Motion

I was so excited when Burberry contacted me to make a creative video for their TikTok account! They wanted to celebrate their

Cool Banana

Lebombo! This dancing banana stop motion short was made for Episode 19 of Animation Wild Card. They feature animation shorts f

Cool Skateboarding Duck

I made a fun little looping animation of a skateboarding duck made with stop motion animation. This project was made for a Sto

Colourful Light Animation

Make it Colourful! This is what moths see when they look at the light! A hypnotising burst of colours. This is another video I

New Children’s Book

An encouraging Stop Motion video showing nations uniting! This clay animation was made for M.A. Welti to promote her first chi

Dancing Light Animation

I really enjoyed making this Stop Motion Animation for WoodVenture, to show off their stylish Smart Lantern Light. This light

Creative Claymation Surfer 2021

I made this Claymation Animation for the Guldies Summer Animation Contest in August 2021. Guldies is an amazing Stop Motion An

Glassware Animation

A smooth ASMR stop frame animation. I used some Glass containers with bamboo lids and slid them around to make some interestin

Happy Mother’s Day

A big happy Mother’s Day to all Moms around the world for 9 May 2021. Thanks so much for all the work you do every day.

Rock Paper Scissors

Fun interactive video. Let's play the classic Rock Paper Scissors game! Stop motion animation style!

Animation Reel April 2021

Highlights of some of my fun and professional stop motion animation. April 2021

Golf Ball Art

A little bit of art for you today. Makes me think of a planet? a lighthouse? An Alien Radar? Made with stop motion animation.