Stop Motion Showreel 2022

Highlights of my Stop Motion Animation from the last 2 years.

The beauty of Stop Motion animation is that you can animate so many materials such as clay, paper, products, objects, bodies and much more. I love to try new techniques and different styles , so I have a wide variety of work. In my showreel you can see claymation, light animation, product promotions and other creative work.

I have done work for companies such as Buttanutt, WoodVenture, UBanana, Vetro Media, and others. I worked with Vetro Media to create a nationwide TV advert for their client: Cotlands. I made five social media videos for WoodVenture to show off their beautiful international light products. I made a short clip to promote a new book. I animated a logo for Sage Architects and made a few other product videos for companies.

I have also done some Stop Motion challenges and a few short courses in order to improve my work and make it more professional. I am based in South Africa, but I can offer work worldwide.

Please contact me if you would like professional Stop Motion Animation for your music video, social media content, advertising videos, and brand promotions… I am very creative and I can brainstorm a variety of ideas to suit your needs.

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