Cool Skateboarding Duck

I made a fun little looping animation of a skateboarding duck made with stop motion animation. This project was made for a Sto

Colourful Light Animation

Make it Colourful! This is what moths see when they look at the light! A hypnotising burst of colours. This is another video I

Funny Clay Animation

A cute video of pink clay man playing with a folding light. This Clay Animation was made with Stop Motion at 15 frames per sec

Rocket Light Animation

An LED Torch light shoots into space with cotton wool smoke & clouds and cut-out paper animation. I made this animation fo

Unexpected Egg Animation

Egg Animation A quick 10 second video of an egg that comes to life. This egg animation was my entry for the #challengenoxon co

Dancing Light Animation

I really enjoyed making this Stop Motion Animation for WoodVenture, to show off their stylish Smart Lantern Light. This light

Car Race by Addi & Toby

I helped my niece and nephew make a race car stop motion animation using some of Toby’s hot wheels cars. Addi is 10 year

Happy Mother’s Day

A big happy Mother’s Day to all Moms around the world for 9 May 2021. Thanks so much for all the work you do every day.

Fire Flowers – Hanabi 花火

The word for fireworks in Japanese is “Hanabi” which directly translates to “fire”(bi) and “flow

Scared Eggs Stop Motion

Funny stop motion video of a hand trying to smash some scared little eggs.