Cute Cat Stop Motion

I was so excited when Burberry contacted me to make a creative video for their TikTok account! They wanted to celebrate their

How Babies are made

I made this fun little video to announce that we are having a baby! People like babies!! It went crazy and gained over 50 mill

Ladybug Animation

I love stop motion animation, so every now and then I host a stop motion challenge on my Instagram. Recently I held a ladybug

Cool Banana

Lebombo! This dancing banana stop motion short was made for Episode 19 of Animation Wild Card. They feature animation shorts f

Stop Motion Showreel 2022

Creative Stop Motion Animation. I have done work for companies such as Buttanutt, WoodVenture, Vetro Media, and many others. I

Cool Skateboarding Duck

I made a fun little looping animation of a skateboarding duck made with stop motion animation. This project was made for a Sto

Stop Motion Challenge

April Challenge – A moving clock I hosted my second Stop Motion Animation Challenge on Instagram in April . In this litt

Creative Cotlands TV advert

This South African TV ad was made with modelling clay and paper. I had the honor of working with Vetro Media to create this 40

Great Story Animation

Storytelling is a very important part of Animation. People can relate to a story. They want to laugh. They want to cry. They w

Colourful Light Animation

Make it Colourful! This is what moths see when they look at the light! A hypnotising burst of colours. This is another video I

Funny Clay Animation

A cute video of pink clay man playing with a folding light. This Clay Animation was made with Stop Motion at 15 frames per sec

Rocket Light Animation

An LED Torch light shoots into space with cotton wool smoke & clouds and cut-out paper animation. I made this animation fo