Old Fanta can

Fanta upgrade

A quick little stop frame animation. An old Fanta can slides in, but a new Fanta can moves in and bumps the old Fanta can out of the way. It’s a looping animation, so it will repeat smoothly on Instagram and the view may watch it 3 or 4 times.

When I was a kid, then I used to collect cold drink cans as a hobby. They were so colourful and shiny! These days I hardly drink any soft drinks because they are so loaded with sugar, that’s it’s asking for diabetes.

This type of animation advert could be used for upgrades on product packaging or new branding. The old product is on the screen but the new product bursts out and replaces it.

This was one of my first stop motion animation tests. Check out my new showreel! It’s a lot more professional.

Are you nostalgic about Old Fanta Ads? Here are a few original old fanta commercial from TV: