Stop Motion Challenge

Stop Motion clock challenge

April Challenge – A moving clock

I hosted my second Stop Motion Animation Challenge on Instagram in April . In this little contest, I challenged people to make a moving clock using Stop Motion Animation. You can watch the original video on Instagram here.

These were the rules:

You are NOT allowed to use a real clock. I want you to make a clock from a different material. You can make it from anything: paper, clay, food, pencils, your body… You can make it move slowly or you can make it move fast. You can make an analogue clock, digital clock or a watch. Keep the video less than 30 seconds. Upload it on your Instagram account by 17 April.Use the Hashtag #stopmoclock and please tag me @cliffcreativity in it. No digital animation allowed, except for photo editing and video editing of the frame photos.

I chose 5 of my favourite Animations and reposted them on my channel (@cliffcreativity) and give you credit. There is no prize, so this is just for fun. The contest is open to beginners and professional stopmotion artists. I look forward to seeing your creative clocks!

The contest was a great success. There were more than 40 clocks that people submitted and they were very creative. Click here to see the Top 5 clocks on Instagram.

Here is a human clock that me and my wife made.

Here is an apple clock that I made as part of the challenge: Apple clock

March 2022 Challenge – Flying Flags

In my previous Stopmo challenge, I challenged people to make a flying flag using Stop Motion Animation. More than 40 people made animated flags from around the world. Some people tried Stop Motion for the first time, and others were more experienced. There were a few Ukraine flags to support them in the war. You can see all Flag animations if you search for the hashtag #stopmoflag. Here is a behind the scenes video showing some of the flags that I made:

Last year, I participated in a fun Stop Motion contest by the famous Animator Guldies. I made a little surfer in a glass to celebrate summer.

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