Creative Cotlands TV advert

This South African TV ad was made with modelling clay and paper. I had the honor of working with Vetro Media to create this 40 second advert for Cotlands.

About Cotlands

Cotlands is a great South African charity that focuses on early childhood development. They give underprivileged children the chance to learn and develop by playing with a variety of toys, as well as various other programs. Please visit the Cotlands website for more information.

I love the beautiful message that if children have a good foundation then they can be their own hero! They can reach for the sky and make their dreams come true. Please consider donating to Cotlands if you want to change a child’s life.

This charity sets up Toy Libraries in areas where children can have a safe place to play and get a meal of food. You can see some of their toys featured in the video, such as books, puzzles, blocks… Another toy they use is modelling clay so it was a perfect fit for claymation animation.

Cotlands toy library
A Cotlands toy library where children can learn by playing.

This TV commercial was organised by Vetro Media SA. A digital agency that helps companies create their social media and web content. They worked with Cotlands to create the theme, design, script, and story. I created the clay characters and the sets, and did the animation.

This type of video is made using Stop Motion Animation. When clay is used in stop motion, then it is also known as claymation animation. The clay character is moved in very small amounts and then a photo is taken for each frame, to slowly make the animation frame by frame.

I will be releasing some behind the scenes videos over the next few weeks, so that you can see how this TV commercial was made.

Here is another positive claymation video that I made to promote a new children’s book.