New Children’s Book

An encouraging Stop Motion video showing nations uniting! This clay animation was made for M.A. Welti to promote her first chi

Unexpected Egg Animation

Egg Animation A quick 10 second video of an egg that comes to life. This egg animation was my entry for the #challengenoxon co

Dancing Light Animation

I really enjoyed making this Stop Motion Animation for WoodVenture, to show off their stylish Smart Lantern Light. This light

Creative Claymation Surfer 2021

I made this Claymation Animation for the Guldies Summer Animation Contest in August 2021. Guldies is an amazing Stop Motion An

Cute Laughing Toilet Animation

Toilets like weird jokes! The toilet paper told the toilet a weird story and the toilet enjoyed it so much that he started lau

Glassware Animation

A smooth ASMR stop frame animation. I used some Glass containers with bamboo lids and slid them around to make some interestin

4 Dancing Stop Motion Mugs

About the Video This hypnotising little Stop Motion Animation was made with our colourful mugs. I simply rotated the mugs on t

Undercover Brother

Eat your Broccoli kids! The Secret agent with a broccoli afro is checking on you. A funny spy animation made with claymation s

Oven Time-lapse

Something a little different. A time-lapse of some delicious baked food, made by my wife Stacy. We recently moved into a new a

Macadamia Animation

An explosive stop motion animation that I made with Macadamia milk, Macadamia butter, and roasted macadamia nuts. Made for But

Crocodile Claymation

Has anybody seen my eraser? A creative little claymation animation of a clay crocodile looking for some vulnerable stationery