Dancing Light Animation

I really enjoyed making this Stop Motion Animation for WoodVenture, to show off their stylish Smart Lantern Light. This light can transform from a useful desk lamp into a beautiful lantern. It has a built in battery, so you can take it anywhere.

Smart Lantern Light made by WoodVenture

Animation Story

I chose to make a fun story where the light dances and plays when you leave the room. This animation also shows off the different features of the light, and how flexible it is. The wooden mannequin in the background really helps create a good atmosphere. He is really enjoying watching the Lantern light do cool dance moves.

I’m sure people will be reminded of the famous animated lamp that hops around in the Pixar logo.

The Product

WoodVenture is a great company, that offers free shipping worldwide! and plants a tree for every order that you make. This light is good quality and good looking. It has a nice bamboo handle, and three options for light brightness. Check out some of their great products on their website: wood-venture.com

This video was made using Stop Motion Animation. Contact me if you would like to get your product dancing on Social Media around the world. View the Video on Instagram.

Behind The Scenes

of my dancing light Stop Motion Animation. I animated this lamp by making it break dance while the humans are outside of the room. It’s the old idea of “toys coming to life”. I made the lantern light dance because it fun and cool, and people would enjoy watching this product promotion.

This was the first time I used my home-made overhead rig, but it worked well. Unfortunately I needed edit the rig wire out of each image individually because the lamp was changing the light in each frame (so I could not use a mask easily).

But I’m very happy with the final result. Made with Final Cut Pro and Dragonframe software.

Royalty free music: “Cover” by Patrick Patrikios (in the main video)

Royalty free song: “”Walking in the Sky” by Nico Staf (in the Making Of Video)

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