New Children’s Book

An encouraging Stop Motion video showing nations uniting! This clay animation was made for M.A. Welti to promote her first children’s book called “We Are One”. It’s a children’s book that reminds us about¬† many of the challenges in our modern world such as pollution, racism, and greed. It encourages us to unite and fix these problems, so that we can make the world a better place in spite of these tough Covid-19 times.

More Information about this new children’s book:

More info on the book: M.A.Welti Website / M.A. Welti Instagram account

Making this stop motion animation

children's book animation
clay hands

This claymation was made in reverse using stopmotion animation. First I made the Text: “We Are One”. Then I morphed it into the continents holding hands. Then I animated each hand going backwards into the continent, until you see the colourful world map. I used Giotto Patplume modelling clay.¬†This is a top down camera angle, where the camera looks down from the ceiling. The background is a non-reflective plastic with navy blue cardboard underneath.

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The song is from Youtube Audio Library: Spring Migration – The Great North Sound Society.

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