Colourful Light Animation

Make it Colourful!

This is what moths see when they look at the light! A hypnotising burst of colours.

This is another video I made for @wood.venture using their Smart LED Torch light. This light can be activated by a motion sensor, or you can remove it from the magnetic holder and use it as a torch.

I collected some colourful objects of different shapes. I used smaller objects so that they would fit behind the light. I chose to make it colourful to catch people’s attention as they are scrolling through their feed.

I raised the light above the table with some extra wood so that the reflected light was not too bright and so that I had some space to work under the light.

I think the colourful wood sticks worked the best. I will add more frames next time to make the motion smoother.

Here are some other Videos that I made for the same client:

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