Great Story Animation

Storytelling is a very important part of Animation. People can relate to a story. They want to laugh. They want to cry. They want to feel something when they watch a video.

When I first started making Stop Motion Animation, then I was mainly concerned with the aesthetic parts of the animation. I wanted it to look beautiful. I wanted it to look realistic. I wanted it to be high quality. These are important factors, but later I realised that these are not as important as the story. If you make stimulate people to think then they will enjoy it and remember the experience better.

Using a Story in Stop Motion Animation

I made this short Stop Motion video for WoodVenture in November 2021. The client wanted a video that people would enjoy and share, so I decided to make a funny narrative of a light that gets electrified into life, and starts running all over the house with an abrupt ending. I also wanted to show off the features of WoodVenture’s Smart Folding Light. It opens so gracefully and makes a pretty ambient light.

Here is a Claymation Animation that I made using the same Wood Venture Light.

Below you can see video of the behind the scenes from this Animation story.