Funny Clay Animation

A cute video of pink clay man playing with a folding light. This Clay Animation was made with Stop Motion at 15 frames per second. The little man was made with Giotto Patplume modelling clay.

I am a Stop Motion Animation Artist and I made with video for Wood Venture. I created a funny little story so that I could show off some of the features of their Smart Folding Light. This beautiful light can fold or you can hang it down like a lantern.

How I make Clay Animation

I look at some reference pictures, and then I mould an object or a character out of clay. If the character is going to be walking, jumping, dancing or flying, then it needs to have a rig to hold it up, otherwise it will fall over during the animation. So I make a wire skeleton inside the clay with aluminium wire, and with one wire sticking out of his back. I attach him to a stop motion rig that I can hold the character up. I move the character in very small movements and I take a photo for each movements. I try to use the 12 principles of Animation to make the character move in a natural way. I exaggerate some actions to make it funny and cartoonish.

After the animation is done, then I need to go through each frame and edit out the rig (using masking or photo editing). It’s a lot of work to make good clay animation but the result is amazing. I will make a “Behind the scenes” video soon. Here is another Clay Animation that I made recently to promote a new children’s book.

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