Rocket Light Animation

An LED Torch light shoots into space with cotton wool smoke & clouds and cut-out paper animation. I made this animation for WoodVenture to show off their stylish LED Torch light. This Stop Motion Video came out great because the client gave me a lot of creative freedom. They just asked for interesting videos for Social Media using their products, so I provided an wide variety of styles. This is 1 of 4 videos that I recently made for this client. Check out this dancing light video that I also made for Wood Venture.

How this Animation was made

This was animated frame by frame by moving the background cardboard and keeping the light in a similar place for each frame. I attached the camera above for a top-down view. Then I added the clock and key holder to make it look like a wall. I used light blue paper so that it looked like the sky, and then progressed to darker shades of blue before going to black for outer space. The planets, stars, meteors and satellite were made from paper. The rocket smoke and clouds are made from cotton wool.

This Animation was made with Canon 700D camera, Dragonframe, Final Cut Pro x. I will make a “Behind the Scenes” video soon to show how this video was made. Royalty free Sound effects from Stop Motion animation is a great way to show off your product on social media. It shows the beautiful textures of your product. Videos are much more engaging than photos. It also tells an story that keeps the viewer interested.

Stop Motion Behind the Scenes

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